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 Title  Date  Location  Speaker  Slides
Writing PHP ExtensionsApr 23, 2024Rosemont, IL, USADerick Rethans40
What's New in PHP 8.[1234]?Mar 15, 2024Amsterdam, The NetherlandsDerick Rethans27
Writing A PHP ExtensionMar 14, 2024Amsterdam, The NetherlandsDerick Rethans40
The PHP FoundationFeb 29, 2024Berlin, GermanyDerick Rethans17
Introduction into PHP ExtensionsFeb 23, 2024Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans39
What's New in PHP 8.[123]?Feb 21, 2024Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans27
What's New in PHP 8.[123]?Feb 16, 2024London, UKDerick Rethans31
PHP Internals Deep DiveOct 23, 2023Munich, GermanyDerick Rethans55
What's New in PHP 8.[123]?Jul 12, 2023Brighton, UKDerick Rethans37
PHP Internals Deep DiveMay 16, 2023Chicago, IL, USADerick Rethans44
What's New in PHP 8.1/8.2?Feb 24, 2023Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans35
What's New in PHP 8.1/8.2?Feb 15, 2023London, UKDerick Rethans35
What's New in PHP 8Jan 11, 2023Bristol, UKDerick Rethans35
Modern PHPDec 7, 2022Mexico City - in person 🎉Rasmus Lerdorf15
What's New in PHP 8Oct 27, 2022Munich, GermanyDerick Rethans35
What's New in PHP 8.1/8.2Oct 13, 2022Birmingham, United KingdomDerick Rethans34
What's New in PHP 8.xSep 21, 2022Den Haag, The NetherlandsDerick Rethans36
Debugging PHP 8 FeaturesSep 1, 2022Sibenik, CroatiaDerick Rethans43
What's New in PHP 8.xJul 21, 2022London, United KingdomDerick Rethans36
PHP's Type System UpdatesJul 8, 2022Arnhem, The NetherlandsDerick Rethans39
What's new in PHP 8.1Feb 17, 2022London, UKDerick Rethans33
What's new in PHP 8.1Oct 14, 2021Virtual Nottingham, UKDerick Rethans33
Modern PHPSep 30, 2021Mexico City - virtualRasmus Lerdorf15
What's new in PHP 8.1Jun 8, 2021Virtual Verona, ItalyDerick Rethans30
Modern PHPMar 31, 2021Dublin - virtualRasmus Lerdorf14
What's new in PHP 8Feb 24, 2021Virtual Montreal, CanadaDerick Rethans31
What's new in PHP 8Oct 20, 2020Virtual Cambridge, UKDerick Rethans31
What's new in PHP 8Sep 9, 2020Virtual Verona, ItalyDerick Rethans31
What's new in PHP 8Aug 4, 2020Virtual Manchester, United KingdomDerick Rethans33
What's new in PHP 7.4… …and coming up in PHP 8Jun 26, 2020Virtual Amsterdam, the NetherlandsDerick Rethans38
Introduction into PHP ExtensionsMay 31, 2020Virtual Kiev, UkraineDerick Rethans38
The La(te)st PHP 7 — What's new in PHP 7.4Apr 15, 2020Virtual Chemlsford, UKDerick Rethans42
The La(te)st PHP 7 — What's new in PHP 7.4Apr 9, 2020Virtual Nottingham, UKDerick Rethans42
The La(te)st PHP 7 — What's new in PHP 7.4Feb 26, 2020Oxford, UKDerick Rethans42
The La(te)st PHP 7 — What's new in PHP 7.4Feb 19, 2020London, UKDerick Rethans44
The La(te)st PHP 7 — What's new in PHP 7.4Jan 24, 2020Antwerp, BelgiumDerick Rethans45
The La(te)st PHP 7 — What's new in PHP 7.4Jan 2, 2020London, UKDerick Rethans46
The state of PHPNov 25, 2019Stockholm, SwedenDerick Rethans43
It's All About the GotoNov 13, 2019Barcelona, SpainDerick Rethans32
25 Years of PHPNov 12, 2019BarcelonaRasmus Lerdorf22
PHP Deep DiveNov 8, 2019Edinburgh, Scotland, UKDerick Rethans51
25 Years of PHPSep 19, 2019CopenhagenRasmus Lerdorf13
25 Years of PHPJul 18, 2019BrooklynRasmus Lerdorf18
25 Years of PHPJun 13, 2019Château du VivierRasmus Lerdorf20
25 Years of PHPJun 7, 2019BerlinRasmus Lerdorf20
PHP Deep DiveJun 6, 2019Amsterdam, the NetherlandsDerick Rethans51
25 Years of PHPMay 11, 2019VeronaRasmus Lerdorf24
PHP Deep DiveMay 11, 2019Verona, ItalyDerick Rethans47
25 Years of PHPMay 9, 2019DublinRasmus Lerdorf24
25 Years of PHPApr 5, 2019SunnyvaleRasmus Lerdorf20
25 Years of PHPMar 23, 2019RomeRasmus Lerdorf19
PHP in 2019Mar 23, 2019RomeRasmus Lerdorf11
PHP in 2019Mar 15, 2019MontréalRasmus Lerdorf17
25 Years of PHPMar 1, 2019LondonRasmus Lerdorf15
25 Years of PHPJan 25, 2019Antwerp, BelgiumRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP in 2018Nov 13, 2018Etsy, BrooklynRasmus Lerdorf18
PHP in 2018Oct 27, 2018PragueRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP in 2018Oct 13, 2018São LuísRasmus Lerdorf15
PHP in 2018Oct 6, 2018CuritibaRasmus Lerdorf15
PHP in 2018Oct 5, 2018São PauloRasmus Lerdorf14
Introduction into PHP ExtensionsSep 29, 2018Singapore, SingaporeDerick Rethans41
PHP in 2018Sep 27, 2018SingaporeRasmus Lerdorf14
PHP in 2018Jun 1, 2018SplitRasmus Lerdorf16
Introduction into PHP ExtensionsMay 20, 2018Istanbul, TurkeyDerick Rethans37
It's All About the GotoMay 17, 2018Montpellier, FranceDerick Rethans35
Introduction into PHP ExtensionsApr 20, 2018Austin, TX, USDerick Rethans38
PHP in 2018Mar 3, 2018SalzburgRasmus Lerdorf16
Introduction into PHP ExtensionsFeb 16, 2018London, UKDerick Rethans38
Introduction into PHP ExtensionsJan 4, 2018London UKDerick Rethans38
PHP in 2018Nov 9, 2017DortmundRasmus Lerdorf18
It's All About the GotoNov 4, 2017Warsaw, PolandDerick Rethans42
PHP in 2018Oct 28, 2017Puerto VallartaRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP in 2018Oct 7, 2017FortalezaRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP in 2018Sep 30, 2017ManchesterRasmus Lerdorf17
It's All About the GotoAug 20, 2017Sankt Augustin, GermanyDerick Rethans44
It's All About the GotoJul 1, 2017Amsterdam, NetherlandsDerick Rethans37
It's All About the GotoJun 24, 2017Atlanta, GA, UKDerick Rethans44
PHP 7 in 2017Jun 17, 2017ShanghaiRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP 7 in 2017May 27, 2017BelgradeRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP 7 in 2017May 26, 2017BucharestRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP 7 in 2017May 20, 2017IstanbulRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP 7 in 2017May 12, 2017ViennaRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP 7 in 2017Feb 16, 2017UtrechtRasmus Lerdorf17
It's All About the GotoFeb 16, 2017London, UKDerick Rethans44
Debugging Your Set-UpJan 27, 2017Manchester, UKDerick Rethans46
PHP 7 (and 7.1)Nov 21, 2016Brighton, UKDerick Rethans43
Deploying PHP 7Oct 29, 2016EdinburghRasmus Lerdorf27
Deploying PHP 7Oct 13, 2016ManilaRasmus Lerdorf20
It's All About the JumpsOct 1, 2016Manchester, UKDerick Rethans44
Deploying PHP 7Sep 23, 2016Mexico CityRasmus Lerdorf20
Deploying PHP 7Sep 21, 2016Mexico CityRasmus Lerdorf19
Deploying PHP 7Aug 26, 2016João PessoaRasmus Lerdorf17
Deploying PHP 7Jun 24, 2016AmsterdamRasmus Lerdorf19
Deploying PHP 7May 19, 2016AustinRasmus Lerdorf33
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7May 15, 2016BeijingRasmus Lerdorf33
Deploying PHP 7May 13, 2016VeronaRasmus Lerdorf33
Deploying PHP 7Feb 25, 2016MontrealRasmus Lerdorf10
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7Feb 24, 2016MontrealRasmus Lerdorf30
Deploying PHP 7Jan 14, 2016ParisRasmus Lerdorf35
Deploying PHP 7Jan 12, 2016DublinRasmus Lerdorf32
Deploying PHP 7Nov 24, 2015ParisRasmus Lerdorf33
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7Nov 21, 2015MilanRasmus Lerdorf31
Coding and DreamingNov 21, 2015MilanRasmus Lerdorf20
Deploying PHP 7Nov 17, 2015BrooklynRasmus Lerdorf30
PHP 7Oct 27, 2015London, UKDerick Rethans31
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7Oct 9, 2015TaipeiRasmus Lerdorf22
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7Oct 3, 2015TokyoRasmus Lerdorf22
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7Sep 22, 2015SingaporeRasmus Lerdorf22
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7Aug 23, 2015Sankt AugustinRasmus Lerdorf22
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7Jul 23, 2015PortlandRasmus Lerdorf22
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7May 29, 2015Santa ClaraRasmus Lerdorf22
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7May 16, 2015TaipeiRasmus Lerdorf21
Speeding up the Web with PHP 7Apr 21, 2015San FranciscoRasmus Lerdorf20
PHPMar 12, 2015SydneyRasmus Lerdorf19
Good ChemistryFeb 6, 2015MiamiRasmus Lerdorf22
PHP 7Jan 31, 2015Brussels, BelgiumDerick Rethans31
Coding and DreamingDec 6, 2014São PauloRasmus Lerdorf23
Coding and DreamingSep 26, 2014Mexico CityRasmus Lerdorf23
Coding and DreamingAug 28, 2014WellingtonRasmus Lerdorf21
Coding and DreamingJun 23, 2014LyonRasmus Lerdorf19
PHPMay 29, 2014Palo AltoRasmus Lerdorf11
PHPMay 16, 2014VeronaRasmus Lerdorf20
PHPApr 25, 2014Mexico CityRasmus Lerdorf26
PHPApr 12, 2014Cape TownRasmus Lerdorf26
PHPApr 4, 2014JohannesburgRasmus Lerdorf26
PHP in SpaceFeb 22, 2014London, UKDerick Rethans34
PHPFeb 7, 2014MiamiRasmus Lerdorf19
PHPNov 16, 2013Mexico CityRasmus Lerdorf21
PHPOct 16, 2013KievRasmus Lerdorf12
PHPOct 15, 2013Zhytomyr, UkraineRasmus Lerdorf21
PHPOct 12, 2013KievRasmus Lerdorf13
PHPOct 11, 2013KievRasmus Lerdorf12
PHPOct 5, 2013Buenos AiresRasmus Lerdorf17
PHPSep 10, 2013Trondheim, NORasmus Lerdorf17
PHPJul 4, 2013London, UKRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP, MySQL and the LAMP StackMay 13, 2013New York CityRasmus Lerdorf23
PHPMay 3, 2013Orem, UTRasmus Lerdorf16
PHPMay 2, 2013Orem, UTRasmus Lerdorf19
PHPMay 1, 2013Orem, UTRasmus Lerdorf21
PHPFeb 8, 2013MiamiRasmus Lerdorf21
PHPJul 18, 2012PortlandRasmus Lerdorf21
PHP PerformanceJun 10, 2012MoscowRasmus Lerdorf32
Things that matterJun 9, 2012AmsterdamRasmus Lerdorf21
PHP in 2012Jun 5, 2012Paris, FranceRasmus Lerdorf32
PHP in 2012Jun 4, 2012Paris, FranceRasmus Lerdorf35
PHP in 2012May 19, 2012Verona, ItalyRasmus Lerdorf35
PHP 5.4 and BeyondMay 2, 2012Las VegasRasmus Lerdorf35
PHP in 2012Mar 24, 2012RoorkeeRasmus Lerdorf35
PHP in 2012Feb 24, 2012LondonRasmus Lerdorf36
PHP in 2012Feb 2, 2012Brooklyn, NYRasmus Lerdorf57
PHP in 2011Dec 15, 2011Coral Gables, FLRasmus Lerdorf53
PHP in 2011Dec 14, 2011Davie, FLRasmus Lerdorf53
PHP in 2011Nov 16, 2011Chicago, ILRasmus Lerdorf51
PHP in 2011Oct 29, 2011Barcelona, SpainRasmus Lerdorf50
PHP in 2011Oct 19, 2011Foz do Iguaçu, BrazilRasmus Lerdorf48
PHP in 2011Oct 4, 2011Seattle, WARasmus Lerdorf50
PHP in 2011Sep 24, 2011Prague, CZRasmus Lerdorf52
PHP in 2011Sep 6, 2011San Francisco, CARasmus Lerdorf52
PHP in 2011Aug 29, 2011Los Angeles, CARasmus Lerdorf52
PHP in 2011Jul 28, 2011Santa Monica, CARasmus Lerdorf52
PHP in 2011Jun 17, 2011London, UKRasmus Lerdorf49
PHPJun 8, 2011Rio de JaneiroRasmus Lerdorf53
PHPJun 4, 2011Duque de CaxiasRasmus Lerdorf47
Hacking the Web with PeopleMay 28, 2011Tapachula, MéxicoRasmus Lerdorf44
Hacking the Web with APIsMay 27, 2011Tapachula, MéxicoRasmus Lerdorf17
PHP in 2011Apr 22, 2011NashvilleRasmus Lerdorf19
PHP PerformanceSep 30, 2010BaltimoreRasmus Lerdorf16
PHPSep 25, 2010TokyoRasmus Lerdorf23
PerformanceAug 25, 2010CopenhagenRasmus Lerdorf16
PHP PerformanceJul 29, 2010San FranciscoRasmus Lerdorf28
K.I.S.S.Jul 10, 2010Ljubljana, SloveniaDerick Rethans37
PHP PerformanceJun 7, 2010Mountain ViewRasmus Lerdorf29
PHP PerformanceJun 3, 2010PortlandRasmus Lerdorf28
PHP PerformanceMay 8, 2010Joao PessoaRasmus Lerdorf28
PHP PerformanceApr 30, 2010Santa ClaraRasmus Lerdorf28
PHP PerformanceApr 16, 2010MadridRasmus Lerdorf22
PHP Security & PerformanceMar 18, 2010Fort LauderdaleRasmus Lerdorf40
PHP PerformanceMar 11, 2010MontrealRasmus Lerdorf22
The PHP UniverseJan 30, 2010Antwerp, BelgiumDerick Rethans39
Simple is HardNov 16, 2009New YorkRasmus Lerdorf46
Simple is HardOct 30, 2009BarcelonaRasmus Lerdorf43
K.I.S.S.Oct 30, 2009Barcelona, SpainDerick Rethans39
HackU at U of Waterloo/TorontoOct 15, 2009Toronto, OntarioRasmus Lerdorf24
Hacking with PHPOct 9, 2009Manhattan, NYRasmus Lerdorf16
Tech Talk at EtsyOct 8, 2009Brooklyn, NYRasmus Lerdorf32
Simple is HardJun 18, 2009PortlandRasmus Lerdorf44
PHPJun 16, 2009PortlandRasmus Lerdorf44
PHPJun 9, 2009HoustonRasmus Lerdorf44
twenty tricks for better picturesMay 21, 2009Chicago, USDerick Rethans21
K.I.S.S.May 21, 2009Chicago, USDerick Rethans39
Simple is HardMay 15, 2009Verona, ItalyRasmus Lerdorf24
PHPMay 15, 2009Verona, ItalyRasmus Lerdorf8
Hacking with PHPMay 9, 2009LondonRasmus Lerdorf19
PHPMay 8, 2009LondonRasmus Lerdorf21
Simple is HardMay 3, 2009RomulusRasmus Lerdorf24
PHP and Open APIsMay 2, 2009RomulusRasmus Lerdorf21
Simple is HardApr 21, 2009SeoulRasmus Lerdorf39
Simple is HardApr 19, 2009TaipeiRasmus Lerdorf24
PHPMar 20, 2009Ann Arbor, MI 19
Simple is HardMar 12, 2009Lisboa, PortugalRasmus Lerdorf40
K.I.S.S.Mar 6, 2009Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans35
PHP: Programmers Helping PeopleJan 24, 2009Istanbul, TurkeyDerick Rethans59
Simple is HardJan 21, 2009HobartRasmus Lerdorf40
Simple is HardDec 5, 2008CancunRasmus Lerdorf40
K.I.S.S.Nov 22, 2008Manchester, UKDerick Rethans36
Simple is HardNov 20, 2008Hsinchu, TaiwanRasmus Lerdorf44
Simple is HardNov 18, 2008TaipeiRasmus Lerdorf43
Hacking with PHPNov 17, 2008NCU, Jhongli City, TaiwanRasmus Lerdorf39
Don't PanicNov 13, 2008Atlanta, USDerick Rethans21
K.I.S.S.Oct 30, 2008Mainz, GermanyDerick Rethans32
Myths DefusedOct 28, 2008Mains, GermanyDerick Rethans26
Simple is HardOct 8, 2008Pittsburgh, PARasmus Lerdorf22
Simple is HardSep 23, 2008Waterloo, ONRasmus Lerdorf38
Simple is HardSep 17, 2008Champaign, ILRasmus Lerdorf38
Myths DefusedSep 16, 2008Santa Clara, USDerick Rethans18
Hacking with PHPSep 12, 2008Sunnyvale, CARasmus Lerdorf36
Simple is HardAug 27, 2008Szeged, HungaryRasmus Lerdorf35
Simple is HardAug 24, 2008Some small town in GermanyRasmus Lerdorf35
Myths DefusedAug 23, 2008Sankt Augustin, GermanyDerick Rethans19
Optimization and SecurityAug 1, 2008Valencia, SpainRasmus Lerdorf42
Architecture, Scalability, and SecurityJul 22, 2008Portland, ORRasmus Lerdorf50
Designing for ReusabilityJun 11, 2008Amsterdam, NetherlandsDerick Rethans25
Open Source CollaborationJun 4, 2008Aalborg, DenmarkRasmus Lerdorf16
Large Scale PHPApr 18, 2008Porto AlegreRasmus Lerdorf30
Explaining the complaintsMar 12, 2008Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans and Marcus Börger27
PHPMar 6, 2008Atlanta, GARasmus Lerdorf18
PerformanceMar 5, 2008Atlanta, GARasmus Lerdorf14
PHP/YUIMar 3, 2008Atlanta, GARasmus Lerdorf27
Personal Home Page Tools Grown UpFeb 29, 2008London, UKDerick Rethans45
PHPFeb 20, 2008San Luis Obispo, CARasmus Lerdorf36
PHPJan 18, 2008London, OntarioRasmus Lerdorf61
Performance and SecurityNov 21, 2007ParisRasmus Lerdorf36
Personal Home Page Tools Grown UpNov 7, 2007Mörfelden, GermanyDerick Rethans37
PHPOct 24, 2007Waterloo, ONRasmus Lerdorf37
PHP/YUIOct 10, 2007Champaign, ILRasmus Lerdorf28
Performance & SecurityOct 10, 2007Champaign, ILRasmus Lerdorf21
PHP/YUIOct 9, 2007Champaign, ILRasmus Lerdorf32
Myth BustingSep 13, 2007Atlanta, USADerick Rethans18
Bigger and FasterJul 25, 2007Portland, ORRasmus Lerdorf27
PHP/YUIJul 23, 2007PortlandThomas Sha, Rasmus Lerdorf29
Performance and SecurityMay 20, 2007Hangzhou, ChinaRasmus Lerdorf24
PHP on HormonesMay 19, 2007Hangzhou, ChinaRasmus Lerdorf21
PHP on HormonesMay 16, 2007ChicagoRasmus Lerdorf33
PHP on HormonesApr 26, 2007Santa ClaraRasmus Lerdorf21
Performance and SecurityApr 24, 2007Santa ClaraRasmus Lerdorf24
Performance and SecurityMar 22, 2007SunnyvaleRasmus Lerdorf22
Bigger and FasterMar 16, 2007MontréalRasmus Lerdorf26
Fast and RichFeb 23, 2007LondonRasmus Lerdorf27
PHP WorkshopFeb 22, 2007LondonRasmus Lerdorf51
PHP on HormonesFeb 21, 2007LondonRasmus Lerdorf22
PHP on HormonesFeb 12, 2007VancouverRasmus Lerdorf25
Better Web Apps with PHP 5Jan 18, 2007SydneyRasmus Lerdorf30
PHP Tips & TricksDec 8, 2006Cancun, MexicoRasmus Lerdorf74
Better Web Apps with PHPNov 29, 2006FrankfurtRasmus Lerdorf23
Getting Rich with PHP 5Nov 27, 2006BangaloreRasmus Lerdorf38
Getting Rich with PHP 5Nov 24, 2006BangaloreRasmus Lerdorf25
Getting Rich with PHP 5Nov 9, 2006ParisRasmus Lerdorf25
The error handling plenumNov 7, 2006Frankfurt, GermanyTobias Schlitt23
Getting Rich with PHP 5Oct 23, 2006San FranciscoRasmus Lerdorf25
Getting Rich with PHP 5Oct 11, 2006AustinRasmus Lerdorf23
PHP Weekender - PHP best practicesOct 8, 2006Dortmund, GermanyTobias Schlitt & Kore Nordmann71
Getting Rich with PHP 5Sep 29, 2006SunnyvaleRasmus Lerdorf22
Fast and Rich Web ApplicationsSep 21, 2006BrusselsRasmus Lerdorf23
Derick's Ranting HourSep 14, 2006Toronto, CanadaDerick Rethans18
Getting Rich with PHP 5Sep 13, 2006TorontoRasmus Lerdorf27
Getting Rich with PHP 5Jul 26, 2006PortlandRasmus Lerdorf24
Getting Rich with PHP 5Jun 29, 2006Dublin, IrelandRasmus Lerdorf24
PHP best practices - The dos and don'tsJun 24, 2006St. Augustin, GermanyTobias Schlitt & Kore Nordmann43
Getting Rich with PHP 5Jun 23, 2006Skien, NorwayRasmus Lerdorf25
Getting Rich with PHPJun 16, 2006New York CityRasmus Lerdorf20
Getting Rich with PHPMay 26, 2006MoscowRasmus Lerdorf32
Getting Rich with PHPMay 8, 2006Mountain View, CARasmus Lerdorf21
Derick's Ranting HourApr 28, 2006Orlando, FloridaDerick Rethans11
Getting Rich with PHPApr 26, 2006OrlandoRasmus Lerdorf22
Getting Rich with PHPApr 25, 2006Santa ClaraRasmus Lerdorf22
Architecture and PerformanceApr 21, 2006ZagrebRasmus Lerdorf17
Web 2.0 and PHP 5Apr 20, 2006ZagrebRasmus Lerdorf26
Web 2.0 and PHP 5Apr 19, 2006VarazdinRasmus Lerdorf28
Fast and Rich AppsMar 31, 2006MontréalRasmus Lerdorf32
Fast and Secure Web AppsJan 26, 2006DunedinRasmus Lerdorf26
PHP - Rich Web AppsJan 25, 2006DunedinRasmus Lerdorf29
PHPDec 14, 2005San DiegoRasmus Lerdorf27
PHP and Web 2.0Nov 30, 2005BangaloreRasmus Lerdorf20
PHP TutorialNov 30, 2005BangaloreRasmus Lerdorf59
XSSNov 29, 2005BangaloreRasmus Lerdorf11
PHPNov 10, 2005ParisRasmus Lerdorf25
PHPNov 9, 2005ParisRasmus Lerdorf21
PHPOct 20, 2005AmsterdamRasmus Lerdorf35
PHPOct 19, 2005AmsterdamRasmus Lerdorf32
PHPOct 6, 2005LondonRasmus Lerdorf26
PHPOct 5, 2005LondonRasmus Lerdorf21
PHPSep 16, 2005TorontoRasmus Lerdorf24
XSS and friendsSep 15, 2005TorontoRasmus Lerdorf15
PHPSep 14, 2005TorontoRasmus Lerdorf23
PHPSep 9, 2005Colombo, Sri LankaRasmus Lerdorf26
PHP TutorialSep 7, 2005Colombo, Sri LankaRasmus Lerdorf77
PHPAug 17, 2005FremontRasmus Lerdorf42
State of PHPAug 3, 2005 Rasmus Lerdorf11
Pragmatic PHPJun 23, 2005KarlsruheRasmus Lerdorf22
PHP: Una visión globalJun 4, 2005Lima, PerúJesus M. Castagnetto, Ph.D.52
PHPApr 20, 2005CanberraRasmus Lerdorf116
Advanced PHPMar 31, 2005MontrealRasmus Lerdorf43
PHP IntroductionMar 2, 2005Sheffield, UKDerick Rethans31
Pragmatic PHPJan 14, 2005VancouverRasmus Lerdorf39
Best PracticesSep 22, 2004TorontoRasmus Lerdorf39
ReferencesJul 1, 2004Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans14
PHPApr 17, 2004Bellingham, WARasmus Lerdorf22
Advanced PHPMar 25, 2004MontréalRasmus Lerdorf43
PHP: A tutorial.Feb 9, 2004Frankfurt, GermanyMarcus Boerger156
Advanced PHPJan 22, 2004Vancouver, CASterling Hughes65
Do you PHP?Jan 22, 2004VancouverRasmus Lerdorf41
PHP Tips and TricksJan 14, 2004AdelaideRasmus Lerdorf63
Do you PHP?Dec 3, 2003BangaloreRasmus Lerdorf13
Developing ApplicationsNov 20, 2003Las VegasRasmus Lerdorf18
Do you PHP?Nov 19, 2003Las VegasRasmus Lerdorf15
PHP: The Language. The Ecosystem.Oct 18, 2003Newport Beach, CAJesus M. Castagnetto39
Do you PHP?Oct 10, 2003 Rasmus Lerdorf23
PHP IntroductionAug 22, 2003Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans24
Do you PHP?Jul 11, 2003KarlsruheRasmus Lerdorf19
State of the ElephantJul 8, 2003OSCON, PortlandShane Caraveo10
Advanced PHPJul 7, 2003Portland, OregonSterling Hughes65
Making your (coding) life simplerJun 5, 2003San DiegoJesus M. Castagnetto25
Top 7 Mistakes in PHP programmingMay 29, 2003Vancouver, BCSterling Hughes38
Error HandlingMay 9, 2003Amsterdam, the NetherlandsDerick Rethans30
PHP and Open SourceMay 7, 2003San FranciscoRasmus Lerdorf20
PHPMay 5, 2003BostonAndrei Zmievski24
Tips & TricksApr 25, 2003New YorkRasmus Lerdorf33
Top 7 Mistakes in PHP programmingApr 25, 2003NYC, NYSterling Hughes36
PHPApr 17, 2003VancouverRasmus Lerdorf43
PHPApr 10, 2003San JoseRasmus Lerdorf53
PHPMar 20, 2003MontrealRasmus Lerdorf42
"Everything" You Ever Wanted To Know About PHP But Were Afraid To AskMar 20, 2003Montreal, QuebecAndrei Zmievski13
Web Programming with PHPMar 19, 2003Washington, DCDavid Sklar32
PHPMar 18, 2003San Francisco, CARasmus Lerdorf43
Introduction to PHPJan 22, 2003PerthRasmus Lerdorf75
Advanced PHPJan 22, 2003PerthRasmus Lerdorf67
PHP - Advanced TutorialDec 6, 2002Veracruz, MexicoRasmus Lerdorf65
Solving the Web ProblemDec 6, 2002Veracruz, MexicoRasmus Lerdorf22
Top 7 Mistakes in PHP programmingNov 19, 2002Las Vegas, NevadaSterling Hughes36
PHP - Scripting the WebNov 18, 2002Las VegasRasmus Lerdorf76
PHP - Scripting the WebNov 2, 2002USC, Los AngelesRasmus Lerdorf31
PHPOct 26, 2002QueretaroRasmus Lerdorf32
Tips and TricksOct 24, 2002Milbrae, CARasmus Lerdorf43
PHP - Scripting the WebAug 6, 2002BerkeleyRasmus Lerdorf44
How Programmers Can Help Solve Problems In BioinformaticsJul 26, 2002San DiegoJesus M. Castagnetto, Ph.D.9
The Care and Feeding of the PHP CommunityJul 25, 2002San DiegoJim Winstead15
PHP 4.1 and BeyondJul 24, 2002San DiegoRasmus Lerdorf10
Advanced PHPJul 23, 2002San Diego, CaliforniaSterling Hughes & Andrei Zmievski (FAST Search & Transfer)
PHP - Scripting the WebJul 22, 2002San DiegoRasmus Lerdorf86
Pragmatic PHPJul 22, 2002San DiegoJim Winstead65
PHP - Scripting the WebJul 2, 2002DavisRasmus Lerdorf77
Introduction into PHP ExtensionsJan 1, 1970Warsaw, PolandDerick Rethans37
The La(te)st PHP 7 — What's new in PHP 7.4Jan 1, 1970Bristol, UKDerick Rethans42