Regular tags
Tag Description
@abstract indicates an abstract method
@access public or private
@author author name
@copyright name and date
@deprecated description
@deprec alias for deprecated
@example /path/to/example
@exception Javadoc-compatible, use as needed
@global type $globalvarname or description of global variable usage in a function
@ignore element will be ignored in documentation
@param type [$varname] description
@return type description
@name procpagealias or $globalvaralias
@magic compatibility
@package package name
@see name of another element that can be documented, produces a link to it in the documentation
@since a version or a date
@static indicates a static method or variable
@staticvar type description of static variable usage in a function
@subpackage sub package name, groupings inside of a project
@throws Javadoc-compatible, use as needed
@todo compatibility
@var type a data type for a class variable
@version version

Inline tags
Tag Description
@link URL
@source display function source in the description
@tutorial path to the tutorial documentation
@inheritdoc copy documentation from the parent document block
@internal private information for advanced developers only