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 Title  Date  Location  Speaker  Slides
Improving Your Development ProcessOct 3, 2009Washington DC, USDerick Rethans30
Improving Your Development ProcessSep 25, 2009Los Angeles, USDerick Rethans30
Improving Your Development ProcessSep 23, 2009San Francisco, USDerick Rethans30
Practical Test-Driven DevelopmentSep 1, 2009Manchester, UKDerick Rethans24
Test-Driven DevelopmentApr 25, 2009Veliko Turnovo, BulgariaDerick Rethans32
Test-Driven DevelopmentApr 18, 2009Maarsen, the NetherlandsDerick Rethans34
Test-Driven DevelopmentNov 14, 2008Atlanta, USDerick Rethans34
Test-Driven DevelopmentSep 16, 2008Santa Clara, USDerick Rethans34
Test-Driven DevelopmentMay 22, 2008Chicago, USDerick Rethans31
Test-Driven DevelopmentApr 15, 2008Vancouver, CanadaDerick Rethans29
Test-Driven DevelopmentNov 6, 2007Mörfelden, GermanyDerick Rethans28
Test-Driven DevelopmentJun 16, 2007Amsterdam, The NetherlandsDerick Rethans23