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 Title  Date  Location  Speaker  Slides
PHP InsideMar 10, 2011Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans29
PHP InsideOct 12, 2010Berlin, GermanyDerick Rethans29
PHP InsideMay 31, 2010Berlin, GermanyDerick Rethans30
PHP InsideMay 21, 2010Chicago, USDerick Rethans30
PHP-GTK: Something Old, Something NewJan 22, 2004Vancouver, CanadaAndrei Zmievski (Yahoo! Inc)33
Color, Style, and Graphics in PHP-GTKNov 5, 2002FrankfurtAndrei Zmievski (Fast Search & Transfer)34
Conquering the final obstacles for PHP-GTKNov 5, 2002FrankfurtAlan Knowles29
Design Strategies for PHP-GTK ApplicationsNov 5, 2002FrankfurtAlan Knowles32