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 Title  Date  Location  Speaker  Slides
Transactions and Isolation with MongoDBMar 14, 2019Montreal, CanadaDerick Rethans35
Storing Non-Scalar DataFeb 21, 2019London, UKDerick Rethans40
Getting the Most Out of MongoDBJun 10, 2018Kyiv, UkraineDerick Rethans41
Scaling MongoDB WorkshopMay 30, 2018Atlanta, GA, USADerick Rethans95
Storing Data in MongoDB with PHPApr 14, 2018Sofia, BulgariaDerick Rethans41
Getting the Most out of MongoDBMar 20, 2018Dublin, IrelandDerick Rethans41
Wireshark and MongoDB 3.6Jan 18, 2018OnlineDerick Rethans19
Sharks on the WireJan 18, 2018OnlineDerick Rethans26
A Whirlwind Tour of MongoDBNov 25, 2017Leicester, UKDerick Rethans26
NoSQL with MongoDBOct 18, 2017Reading, UKDerick Rethans46
Storing Non-Scalar DataSep 30, 2017Manchester, UKDerick Rethans56
Storing Non-Scalar DataAug 19, 2017Sankt Augustin, GermanyDerick Rethans56
Storing Non-Scalar DataAug 7, 2017Bournemouth, UKDerick Rethans57
Time Zone support in AggregationJul 27, 2017onlineDerick Rethans12
Locate All The ThingsJun 30, 2017Amsterdam, NetherlandsDerick Rethans35
Scaling MongoDBJun 26, 2017Atlanta, GA, USADerick Rethans87
Introduction into PHP ExtensionsJun 25, 2017Atlanta, GA, USADerick Rethans37
Scaling MongoDBMay 4, 2017On the internet!Derick Rethans87
Adventures in Aggregating BeerApr 24, 2017Glasgow, ScotlandDerick Rethans33
MongoDB IntroductionApr 19, 2017Nottingham, UKDerick Rethans44
Storing Non-Scalar DataMar 18, 2017Minneapolis, MN, USDerick Rethans61
Grown-up MongoDB: Schema DesignMar 17, 2017Minneapolis, MN, USDerick Rethans43
Locate All The ThingsFeb 4, 2017Miami, FL, USDerick Rethans42
From SQL to NoSQLFeb 2, 2017Miami, FL, USDerick Rethans109
Locate All The ThingsJan 28, 2017Edegem, BelgiumDerick Rethans43
Debugging Your Set-UpJan 27, 2017Edegem, BelgiumDerick Rethans47
Adventures in Aggregating BeerNov 24, 2016London, United KingdomDerick Rethans33
Locate All The ThingsNov 5, 2016Missisauga, ON, CanadaDerick Rethans42
Grown-up MongoDB: Schema DesignNov 4, 2016Missisauga, ON, CanadaDerick Rethans43
Scaling MongoDBOct 1, 2016Manchester, UkDerick Rethans88
Grown-up MongoDB: Schema DesignSep 1, 2016London, UKDerick Rethans45
Grown-up MongoDB: Schema DesignJul 28, 2016OnlineDerick Rethans48
Modern DatabasesJun 23, 2016Amsterdam, NetherlandsDerick Rethans145
Schema Design for PerformanceMay 28, 2016Belgrade, SerbiaDerick Rethans41
Schema Design for PerformanceMay 23, 2016Clermont-Ferrand, FranceDerick Rethans41
MongoDB IntroductionApr 14, 2016Nottingham, UKDerick Rethans51
Database Schema Design for MongoDBMar 21, 2016Brighton, UKDerick Rethans44
HHVM and MongoDB — the perfect combinationFeb 18, 2016London, UKDerick Rethans35
One Extension, Three EnginesJan 30, 2016Edegem, BelgiumDerick Rethans35
From SQL to NoSQLOct 31, 2015Barcelona, SpainDerick Rethans35
One Extension, Three EnginesOct 27, 2015Paris, FranceDerick Rethans34
One Extension, Three EnginesOct 27, 2015Munich, GermanyDerick Rethans44
One Extension, Three EnginesOct 3, 2015Manchester, UKDerick Rethans44
From SQL to NoSQLSep 25, 2015Guildford, UKDerick Rethans35
From SQL to NoSQLJun 25, 2015Rugby, UKDerick Rethans33
One Extension, Two EnginesMay 21, 2015Rosemont, IL, USDerick Rethans39
MongoDB EssentialsMay 18, 2015Rosemont, IL, USDerick Rethans & Jeremy Mikola178
Textwrangling and WordsmithingApr 13, 2015Bournemouth, UKDerick Rethans39
Textwrangling and WordsmithingMar 19, 2015Amsterdam, NetherlandsDerick Rethans42
From SQL to NoSQLMar 18, 2015The Hague, NetherlandsDerick Rethans33
Geoqueries with MongoDBMar 16, 2015Ghent, BelgiumDerick Rethans33
From SQL to NoSQLFeb 24, 2015Leicester, UKDerick Rethans33
From SQL to NoSQLDec 10, 2014Glasgow, UKDerick Rethans33
Normalising the right wayNov 29, 2014Leicester, UKDerick Rethans17
From SQL to NoSQLNov 25, 2014Cambridge, UKDerick Rethans33
From SQL to NoSQLNov 7, 2014Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDerick Rethans33
From SQL to NoSQLOct 3, 2014Manchester, UKDerick Rethans94
Geospatial MongoDBSep 16, 2014London, UKDerick Rethans20
PHP and MongoDBSep 5, 2014Rovinj, CroatiaDerick Rethans103
From SQL to NoSQLJun 2, 2014Berlin, GermanyDerick Rethans34
From SQL to NoSQLMay 22, 2014Rosemont, IL, USDerick Rethans34
From SQL to NoSQLMay 14, 2014Bristol, UKDerick Rethans33
From SQL to NoSQLApr 28, 2014Leeds, UKDerick Rethans34
From SQL to NoSQLApr 15, 2014London, UKDerick Rethans35
From SQL to NoSQLMar 20, 2014Cambridge, UKDerick Rethans38
From SQL to NoSQLMar 16, 2014Minneapolis, MN, USDerick Rethans39
Finding a pub with MongoDB and OpenStreetMapFeb 27, 2014Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans32
From SQL to NoSQLFeb 26, 2014Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans39
Hunting postboxesFeb 25, 2014Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans25
MongoDB ReplicationJan 24, 2014Edegem, BelgiumDerick Rethans11
From SQL to NoSQLJan 24, 2014Edegem, BelgiumDerick Rethans106
MongoDBDec 23, 2013 Derick Rethans63
Introduction to MongoDBNov 20, 2013Paris, FranceDerick Rethans48
Finding a pub with MongoDB and OpenStreetMapOct 28, 2013Münich, GermanyDerick Rethans32
Introduction to MongoDBOct 9, 2013Santa Clara, CA, USDerick Rethans48
Working with MongoDBOct 4, 2013Manchester, UKDerick Rethans97
What time is it where?Sep 11, 2013London, UKDerick Rethans25
Visualising ProgressSep 7, 2013Birmingham, UKDerick Rethans34
Gamifying Map ImprovementsSep 6, 2013Birmingham, UKDerick Rethans25
Gamifying Map Improvements with MongoDBAug 25, 2013Sankt Augustin, GermanyDerick Rethans35
Finding Pubs… (and other things)Aug 24, 2013Sankt Augustin, GermanyDerick Rethans32
Finding Pubs… (and other things)Jul 2, 2013Manchester, UKDerick Rethans32
Introduction to MongoDBJun 3, 2013Berlin, GermanyDerick Rethans34
Introduction to MongoDBJun 3, 2013Berlin, GermanyDerick Rethans34
Finding a Pub with MongoDBMay 3, 2013Stockholm, SwedenDerick Rethans40
MongoDB 2.4 and Text SearchApr 29, 2013Manchester, UKDerick Rethans26
Sharding with MongoDBApr 23, 2013Mainz, GermanyDerick Rethans66
Introduction to MongoDBApr 15, 2013Brighton, UKDerick Rethans40
Finding a Pub with MongoDB 2.4 Geo FeaturesApr 9, 2013London, UKDerick Rethans40
MongoDB IntroductionFeb 27, 2013Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans48
Hands-On MongoDBJan 25, 2013Edegem, BelgiumDerick Rethans105
Hands-On MongoDBOct 22, 2012Santa Clara, USDerick Rethans148
MongoDBSep 24, 2012Nashville, USDerick Rethans44
MongoDBSep 21, 2012Atlanta, USDerick Rethans42
MongoDBSep 20, 2012Jacksonville, USDerick Rethans36
MongoDBSep 19, 2012Orlando, USDerick Rethans36
MongoDBSep 18, 2012Boca Raton, USDerick Rethans39
MongoDB IntroductionAug 23, 2012Munich, GermanyDerick Rethans39
Indexing and Query OptimisationAug 21, 2012Munich, GermanyDerick Rethans40
MongoDBJul 11, 2012Sheffield, UKDerick Rethans41
MongoDB and PHPJun 30, 2012Addison, TX, USDerick Rethans35
Indexing and Query OptimisationJun 20, 2012London, UKDerick Rethans39
MongoDB workshopJun 10, 2012Moscow, Russian FederationDerick Rethans74
Using MongoDBMay 8, 2012London, UKDerick Rethans42
MongoDBApr 26, 2012London, UKDerick Rethans21
MongoDBApr 26, 2012London, UKDerick Rethans20
MongoDB schema designApr 3, 2012Manchester, UKDerick Rethans37
MongoDB schema designMar 28, 2012Leuven, BelgiumDerick Rethans38
MongoDB introductionMar 22, 2012London, UKDerick Rethans30
Introduction: MongoDB with PHPFeb 25, 2012London, UKDerick Rethans33
MongoDB introductionFeb 15, 2012London, UKDerick Rethans17
PHP and MongoDBJan 31, 2012London, UKDerick Rethans26
PHP and MongoDBJan 28, 2012Edegem, BelgiumDerick Rethans41
Introduction to MongoDBJan 1, 1970La Clusaz, FranceDerick Rethans39