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 Title  Date  Location  Speaker  Slides
PHP InternalsJun 13, 2011Paris, FranceDerick Rethans60
PHP's Dirty SecretsMay 21, 2008Chicago, USDerick Rethans33
Engine PerformanceMar 27, 2008Prague, Czech RepublicDerick Rethans27
PHP's Dirty SecretsNov 22, 2007Paris, FranceDerick Rethans26
PHP's Dirty SecretsNov 7, 2007Mörfelden, GermanyDerick Rethans28
PHP's Dirty SecretsAug 25, 2007Sankt Augustin, GermanyDerick Rethans31
PHP SecretsJun 8, 2007Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans26
PHP SecretsMay 25, 2007Москва, РоссияДерик Ретанс31
PHP SecretsMay 17, 2007Chicago, USDerick Rethans38
How PHP TicksNov 8, 2005Frankfurt, GermanyDerick Rethans40
How PHP TicksSep 15, 2005Toronto, CanadaDerick Rethans39
PECL_Gen - a code generator for PHP extensionsNov 9, 2004FrankfurtHartmut Holzgraefe36
Extention WritingJan 22, 2004Vancouver, CanadaDerick Rethans19
Writing a PHP ExtensionNov 19, 2003Las Vegas, NVJim Winstead23
PHP InternalsNov 5, 2003Frankfurt, GermanyDerick Rethans23
Writing a PHP ExtensionNov 4, 2003Frankfurt, GermanyJim Winstead22
Hacking the PHP SourceOct 23, 2003Santa Clara, CAJim Winstead21
myphp: embedding PHP in MySQLMay 9, 2003Amsterdam, NLDavid Sklar20
Streams and FiltersMay 9, 2003AmsterdamWez Furlong28
PHP Web Application Security VulnerabilitiesMay 8, 2003Amsterdam, NLDavid Sklar29
Hacking the PHP Source and CommunityApr 25, 2003New York, NYJim Winstead31
Zend and Extending PHPDec 10, 2002Paris, FranceDerick Rethans43
Hacking the PHP Source and CommunityOct 25, 2002Millbrae, CAJim Winstead31
UDF_Gen - a code generator for Mysql UDFsJan 1, 1970BrusselsHartmut Holzgraefe17
The MELL Extension - AI for PHPJan 1, 1970AmsterdamHartmut Holzgraefe1