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 Title  Date  Location  Speaker  Slides
eZ Components PerspectiveJun 24, 2009Paris, FranceDerick Rethans23
MVC ToolsMar 6, 2009Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans51
eZ Components TutorialJan 29, 2009Barcelona, SpainDerick Rethans57
PHP VikingerJun 21, 2008Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans4
What's Next?Jun 20, 2008Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans17
Rapid Application DevelopmentJun 18, 2008Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans24
Rapid Application DevelopmentJun 14, 2008Amsterdam, NetherlandsDerick Rethans24
Lego Blocks for PHPApr 14, 2008Vancouver, CanadaDerick Rethans30
IntroductionAug 26, 2007Sankt Augustin, GermanyDerick Rethans31
IntroducationJun 4, 2007Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans34
eZ Components: RAD with PHPMay 10, 2007Oslo, NorwayDerick Rethans34
IntroductionFeb 14, 2007Vancouver, CanadaDerick Rethans12
eZ Components: RAD with PHPFeb 12, 2007Vancouver, CanadaDerick Rethans27
eZ componentsDec 2, 2006São Paulo, BrasilDerick Rethans27
eZ componentsNov 10, 2006Paris, FranceDerick Rethans27
eZ components roundupNov 7, 2006German, FrankfurtKore Nordmann & Tobias Schlitt35
eZ componentsSep 14, 2006Toronto, CanadaDerick Rethans27
eZ componentsJul 1, 2006Sofia, BulgariaDerick Rethans22
Enterprise PHP development - eZ componentsJun 25, 2006St. Augustin, GermanyTobias Schlitt35
State of eZ componentsJun 22, 2006Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans15
IntroductionJun 2, 2006Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans44
eZ components - RAD for PHPApr 25, 2006Orlando, FloridaDerick Rethans26
eZ components - RAD for PHPMar 23, 2006Oslo, NorwayDerick Rethans17
eZ componentsFeb 17, 2006On-lineDerick Rethans23
eZ components - RAD for PHPFeb 10, 2006London, UKDerick Rethans31